Alma Health Care

Alma Health Care is a sister company of Alma International

Why Lebanon?
With a wide range of both private and public sectors, Lebanon has a high standard of Medical, Dental and Plastic Surgery care at competitive prices when compared to other countries

Provide our medical travellers a high standard of Health care in its pre-eminent conditions by building an ethical environment to improve our patient satisfaction, confidentiality and integrity in collaboration with private medical institutions and personnel as well as qualified physicians during their health journey.

Alma Health Care Guarantees
Ethical behaviour
Respect and dignity
Medical care in the best conditions
High level of medical quality care

We provide our patients the best conditions to complete their healthcare needs by assisting them in each step and clear them from any administrative or paper work in order for them to focus on the essential

Personalized service
Physicians appointments
Screening Lab appointments
Daily assistance
Follow up after your visit
Hotel accommodation
Airport transfers
City transfers
Airline tickets

One phone call or one email & Alma International assures that your comfort and needs will be met !

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