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So many beauties to explore …

Old civilisation, rich in history, incredible monuments, breathtaking views, good weather, very welcoming people … Lebanon has so much to offer.

Let us assist you in organizing your trip and benefit from our expertise and recommendations.
From a simple tour, to a hotel booking or for a full package to discover our beloved country.




Jeita Grottos






Beiteddine Palace

Deir el Qamar



Alma International is well known for organizing Tailor-made trips for each of its customers.
We believe that listening, hearing, being attentive to our guests requirements, going into details, respecting and adapting to their demands is the key for a successful trip.

We tailor-make a wide theme of packages among which:







Wine Route

Culinary & Cooking class

Medical Tourism

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The cultural heritage combines the ruins of temples‪, castles and streets‪, monuments‪, sarcophagus‪, mosaics‪ and much more. Lebanon offers an impressing variety and imposing historical and archaeological sites

Country of adventures and discovery … Lebanon is the perfect destination for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors. From hiking through ancient cedar forests and mountains to snorkelling or diving on the coast, the compactness of the country makes it possible to explore much of Lebanon’s natural beauty and the cultural diversity in a single trip. Rich biodiversity, rich variety of terrain, Lebanon offers many outdoor activities in Summer and Winter

A pilgrimage to Lebanon will allow you to experience a fascinating meld of religious heritage and traditions. Ancient land, Lebanon served as a place of refuge and spiritual retreat.  For centuries, diverse religious traditions have shared this land, creating a rich mosaic of religious beliefs and a unique multicultural society

Lebanon offers a wide choice of high standard and well-equipped meeting rooms making it an ideal destination for business meetings, seminars and conferences. The quality of service provided does not need to be proven

Winemaking dates back to 7000 years to biblical times, this makes Lebanon one of the oldest countries in the globe to produce wine. Discover and taste the local wine amongst the 46 wineries that Lebanon possess. You will be amazed !

Lebanese cuisine is famous in the world. It combines the richness of seafood and Mediterranean land. It is healthy, tasty and of a particular refinement. Its colours reflect the richness of the sunny landscapes and its diversity is commensurate with the kindness and hospitality of the Lebanese people. Very diversified, it is very rich in flavours, colours and combines sophistication and subtleties

With a wide range of both private and public sectors, Lebanon has a high standard of Medical, Dental and Plastic Surgery care at competitive prices when compared to other countries. Being ‘The’ destination for patients from all Arab countries for the fulfilment of their healthcare needs, the Lebanese Healthcare sector has solidly proven itself year after year, and continues to do so.

One phone call or one email & Alma International assures that your comfort and needs will be met !

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